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One method for handling age gracefully is to quit obsessing about data and measurements. We can drive ourselves crazy constantly thinking about how much we weigh, how much smaller we are getting or how old we are. Keep less focus on the numbers and more focus on making the most of our lives.

A large part of healthy aging is forming lasting, caring relationships with others. Those who remain active in the community are more likely to live a longer and healthier life. Value current friendships, but never be afraid to get out there and meet new people. Even a casual encounter with a stranger can brighten one’s day.

Be sure to keep learning new things to keep your mind active and engaged. With age comes wisdom, but that doesn’t mean you should stop seeking out new knowledge. Take a course at a local community college or just read lots of books on what really interests you. What’s important is that you are always alert and thinking.

Amp up your excitement when it comes to exercising. As your body ages, it needs more activity to keep itself strong and malleable. Try to do a half hour walk, five days a week. Complement this with some strength training about two or three times a week. This will help your body stay fit, which could ward off other issues seen as you age.

Age really is just a number and should never define who you are or determine how good you feel.